Teresa's Butterfly Bench

Butterfly Bench
"In God's Hands"
Teresa Koska
dedicated by her family & friends

Grant Gausman on his mother's bench
Teresa's Bench overlooks one of the four gardens:
Joy, Love, Innocence & Radiance

Teresa's Bench is one of 4 Butterfly Benches
which anchor the Butterfly House
Grant, Reynold, Jenny & Lisa
in front of the Gazebo/Butterfly House
The Children's Memorial Garden, Wilmington, NC

Butterfly House & Chrysalis Statue

Lower Cape Fear Hospice Children's Garden

"A garden that is bright, colorful, and as delightful as a child's laughter."

"Tree of Life" by Atlanta Marie Carrera

"A Child of the Light"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

A child of the light,
slipping into the setting sun.

A brilliance of white,
transforming darkness into life.

A spirit of love,
joining us all in prayer as one.

A freedom above,
Celebrating in unending joy.

The Gardens

The Children's Memorial Garden consists of four separate garden areas:  The Garden of Love, The Garden of Joy, The Garden of Innocence, and The Garden of Radiance

"Butterfly Wings" by Atlanta Marie Carrera
Angel's Wings
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

With Angel's wings
you are set free.
Your soul released
and now at peace.

See how you soar.
Bright colors shine.
New life is born
and filled with love.

Gently you go
on silent wings.
New hope surrounds
and lifts us up.

Butterfly Memorials

The focal piece of the garden is the Butterfly House Gazebo where Butterfly Memorials will hang around the chrysalis & butterfly statue.  These Butterflies will be a permanent, visible way to honor or memorialize loved ones and to support hospice programs and services.  The Children's Garden will provide the backdrop for the twice yearly Celebration of Life as the tribute butterflies are dedicated.

"Gulf Fritillary Butterfly" by Atlanta Marie Carrera

The Gulf Fritillary
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Compassionate heart
The Gulf Fritillary beams
Transforming to Joy

"Painted Lady Butterfly" by Atlanta Marie Carrera

The Painted Lady
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Tenderness and grace
A Painted Lady Appears
Rebirth of my love

"Monarch Butterfly" by Atlanta Marie Carrera

The Monarch
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Transcending through air
A Monarch shining brightly
Hope rises above

"Mourning Cloak Butterfly" by Atlanta Marie Carrera

The Mourning Cloak
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Shining at first light
The Mourning Cloak breaking free
Herald of new life

"Black Swallowtail Butterfly" by Atlanta Marie Carrera

The Black Swallowtail
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Flying with free will
The Black Swallowtail triumphs
Embracing the rain

"Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly" by Atlanta Marie Carrera

The Zebra Swallowtail
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Radiating beauty
the Zebra Swallowtail glides gently
Unifying Heaven and Earth